The history of the Theatre Festival in the castle Hartenberg began in 2010 with a small international theater camp, which was attended by representatives of three teams from Ukraine, Poland and France. The main idea of the meeting was to share experience by holding and participating in joint actor trainings. Several theatre schools, which meet at one place and mutual willingness to share their know-how, formed the basic concept of the International Theatre-Festival Workshop “Hartenberg,” which is now held in the castle every summer. Thus, unlike traditional theatre forums, the emphasis here is not on creative competition, but rather on creative exchanging experience while working together. Festival trainings and plays demonstrate clearly how different theater schools and trends are, and the team performance, which is being made during the days of the forum, shows the ability to overcome these differences while working together. Every year the number of festival participants increases, and geography expands.

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The festival was attended by theaters from Poland (Krzyk, Mashevo), France (Regional Center of Dramatic Art (Clermont, France), Ukraine (Teatr Na Zhukah, Kharkov)

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The festival was attended by theatres from U.S. (EleffantFootTheater, Boston, MA), France (Regional Center of Dramatic Art, Clermont), Poland (EcceHomo, Kielce), Ukraine (Teatr Na Zhukah, Kharkov), Georgia, as well as by individual representatives of the theaters from Ukraine, England and Italy.

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