The website of the International theatre festival-workshop Hartenberg-2012 has opened

International theatre festival-workshop Hartenberg, which is held in the Czech Republic at the ancient castle Hartenberg every summer since 2010, now has its own website.

The website of the festival has been opened at the address

Here you can learn about the concept of the festival, its history, the principles of selecting participants, to get to know the organizers, to read next forum’s program, etc. There is also an opportunity for the participants and audience to share their impressions about the festival events.

The website is available in several languages: English, Czech and Russian.

“The main purpose of the website is to manage information flows, to establish a high-quality communication with potential participants of the festival, audience, media, and also promotion of the place where the festival is held. The site will be certainly developed: we’ll fill existing gaps, and if necessary, add new sections and languages. Hopefully, this will be the tool that helps us to constantly improve the quality of theatrical forum,” – said Dmitry Ternovoy, festival coordinator.

International Theatre Festival-Workshop “Hartenberg»  has been held every summer since 2010 in the castle Hartenberg placed in northwest Czech Republic (near Karlovy Vary). The main idea of the festival is to exchange creative experience, which is gained while different theatre schools get in touch and work together. The participants represent alternative (non-state) theatre groups, consisting of both professional and amateur actors. The festival follows the principle of “three in one”, combining several of interesting opportunities for the team members, such as trainings and master classes, making a team performances and showing own plays. The festival is an important component of a larger project on Hartenberg becoming the multinational cultural center – a place where different knowledge, cultures and ideas blend and the paths of creative people from all over the world are intersected.

Hartenberg the castle ( was built in the 12th century. During its centuries-old history it has been damaged many times, particularly in 1985 because of the fire. One of the brightest pages in the annals of the castle is associated with the name of the great German poet Johann Goethe, who stayed in Hartenberg and wrote several of his works here. The castle is actively restored, using help of volunteers from dozens of countries around the world.