The program of spectacles within the bounds of the International theater festival-workshop “Hartenberg – 2011”

the 20th of August, Saturday

The American evening

-the spectacle «Orange», comedy, EleFFant Foot Theatre (США)

the 21st of August, Sunday

The French and Georgian evening

- performance in spirits of masks comedy, Regional center of Drama art (Clermond-Ferand, France)

- the Georgian national dances (theater group from Tbilisi, Georgia)

the 22nd of August, Monday

The Polish evening

-the performance «Lomkost» (Fragility, eng.), theater Ecce Homo (Kelce, Poland)

the 23rd of August, Tuesday

The Ukrainian evening

- the spectacle «Plastilin mira» (The plasticine of the world, eng.), phantasmagoria on philosophical fairy tale by Eugene Klyuev «Mezhdu dvuh stuliev» (Between two chairs), Theater na Zhukah (Kharkov, Ukraine)

the 24th of August, Wednesday

general representation the performance «200 years later – fantasy on the theme of the future», experimental blitz performance, created during the festival