Participants of International theater festival – workshop in Hartenberg plan to issue experimental blitz-performance

During international theater festival-workshop “Hartenberg – 2011″ it is planned to put on the stage experimental blitz performance which directors of American theater EleFFant Foot Theater are going to make with participants of the forum for several days.

The main theme of the performance American theater proposed was “Fantazy on the topic of Future”. The spectacle will be staged by creators of EleFFant Foot Theater Masha Kore Neva and Sandro Garibashvili.

“We are followers of Jean-Pierre Lecocq whose one of the main ideas is returning of creative initiative to the actors. That’s why we reckon on live co-authorship of all participants. That is we make a start from method of production and theme without having any complete conception and result we tend to come to. It will be fantasy on the theme, and the theme of future leaves much place for the most unexpected ideas. Several festival days – it is quite short time for production but we will try to make some sketches and drawings”, – noticed Masha Kore Neva.

Masha Kore Neva и Sandro Garibashvili established theater having finished theater mastership course in

London International School of Performing Arts in 2005. EleFFant Foot Theater has 5 productions, participated in different joint projects wit other theaters, festivals, made workshops in the USA, Canada, Ukraine. In Hartenberg American Theater will also show its spectacle “Orange”.

As it was said before this summer the Hartenberg castle located in the west of Czech will hold unusual festival for the first time in which representatives of alternative theaters from Poland, France, the USA, Ukraine, Georgia will take part. The main idea of new forum will be a creative exchange, mutual penetration of different methods of acting technique used by followers of different theatre schools. Participants of the forum will make a camp on the castle territory and will get an opportunity to make many hours joint acting technique classes under leading of directors representing different theater schools.

So trainings on acting technique mastership in days of festivals will be led by Geel Sovestr from Regionalcenter of Drama art (Clermond-Ferand, France) who will make a workshop on working with masks in the manner of Comedy del Art, Olga Ternovaya from the Theater na Zhukah (Kharkov, Ukraine) whose work with actors will be built upon the author designs developing Stanislavskyi`s system, the director of the theater “Krik” Marek Kosculek (Mashevo. Poland), a senior of Gardzenice Academy basing in his works on methods of Vlodzimeezh Stanevsky and Ezh Grotovskyi, Vladimer Sujashvili (Tbilisi) from Georgian theater group who will make a training on Georgian song and dance, Igor Shulga from the theater “We believe!” (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) who is preparing author class based on method of Michael Chekhov but with using yoga technique.

International theatre festival-workshop Hartenberg-2011 will be held from 18th to 25th of August. During days of the festival several spectacles will be played on the territory of the castle.

Hartenberg Castle ( located near Karlovy Vary was built in the 12th century was distracted several times for its many centuries history, especially strong damage happened in the 20th century of a fire in 1985. One of the brightest pages of the castle history is connected with the name of the great poet Iogann Gete who visited Hartenberg and wrote one of his masterpieces – famous “Elegies”. During recent years the castle was actively reconstructed with the help of local enthusiasts and volunteers from around the world.