Confirmed the logotype of International theater festival-workshop “Hartenberg – 2011”

The International theater festival that will occur in August at the Hartenberg castle in the west of Czech got its logotype.

The logotype designed by Ukrainian artist Anna Shehovtsova is portrayed with outlines of the Hartenberg tower as a recognized symbol of the place for upcoming event. In the lower part of tower there are two traditional theater masks on the coulisses background. These signs are framed with wagon wheel to show the working nature of the festival and its areal character. In the wheel one can see the sunrise outlines with a name of the festival in its crown – International theatre festival-workshop Hartenberg-2011.

Thus logotype depicts the meaning and main values of the upcoming event.

As it was said before the International theater festival-workshop “Hartenberg – 2011” will be held on 18-25th of August. Representatives of alternative theaters from Poland, France, the USA, Ukraine, Georgia are expected to participate.

Participants of the forum will setup an international tent camp on the territory of the castle and will get a possibility to make hours-long joint acting technique workshops under the direction of directors presenting different theater schools. The main idea of a new forum will be a creative exchange, a mutual penetration of acting technique development methods used by followers of different theater schools. Several performances are expected to be played during the festival.

The castle Hartenberg ( which is not far from Karlovy Vary was built in the 12th century, during its centuries-old history was plunged into destruction several times, the biggest destruction happened in the 20th century when the castle suffered from a big fire in 1985. One of the brightest pages of castle’s history is connected with the great poet Ioganne Gote who stayed in Hartenberg and wrote here one of his famous masterpieces – famous “Elligues”. For the last years the castle has been actively reconstructed by means of the local enthusiasts and volunteers from tens countries of the world.