About Festival

International Theatre Festival Workshop “Hartenberg” is held every summer at the castle Hartenberg, located in the north-west of Czech Republic (near Karlovy Vary).

The main idea of the festival is to create a space where participants, which follow different theatre schools and trends, may exchange their creative experience. The participants are alternative (non-state) theatre teams, consisting of both professional and nonprofessional actors.

The festival has some outstanding features. Their combination marks out Hartenberg Festival among other theatre forums.

Firstly, it follows the principle of “three in one”, combining at once several interesting opportunities for teams: the actors are involved in training and master classes, they show their own plays and create a joint performance.

Secondly, the competitive aspect is absent on principle. There is no competition program, awards, etc.

Thirdly, there is no commercial component of the festival.

Fourthly, acknowledged theatre stars are not invited to deliver training. Classes are conducted by the directors of the teams who come to the festival. Sometimes they follow different theatre schools, demonstrate completely different methods of work with actors, delivering training and master-classes by turns.

Fifthly, the constant intense joint work and camping life side by side create the atmosphere of joyful creativity and understanding – all the barriers disappear, including language barrier. That’s why almost everyone who has been here once, tries to come again.

The festival is an important component of a large project on the establishment and promotion of Hartenberg as a multinational and cultural center, the place where creative people from all over the world meet each other, share their knowledge, cultures and ideas.

The castle Hartenberg was built in the 12th century. During its centuries-old history it has been damaged and destroyed many times. Special damage was caused by a strong fire in 1985. One of the brightest pages in the annals of the castle is associated with the name of the great German poet Johann Goethe, who stayed in Hartenberg and wrote several of his works here. The castle is actively being restored at the moment. In order to help volunteers from dozens of countries around the world come here.